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Karen McRae

Karen McRae was born in London, England but has lived in Canada since she was three and has both British and Canadian Citizenship. Part of her childhood was spent in Alberta, however the Ottawa area has been her home since 1974. Karen has had a strong interest in photography, painting and drawing since she was very young but has recently made a full time commitment to these passions. She has been studying at the Ottawa School of Art the past two years and has had several opportunities to show and sell her work. Although she uses other materials her favourite medium is oil paint. Her work is mostly representational but continues to develop and evolve in various directions. Her paintings have been shown at the Brittania Gallery, Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Trio Bistro, Ottawa Tulip Festival and The Carriage Factory Shop near Merrickville.

Asparagus Bundle, oil on canvas   18''x24''  2005


Green Pear, oil on canvas 12''x16''  2004